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Anthropology Syllabus CBSE NET Books, Study Material

CBSE NET Anthropology Syllabus 2018 is available here to check from our web page. Candidates can download the CBSE NET Anthropology Syllabus 2018 this website. CBSE authorities have released notification for the NET exam on their official portal. Interested candidates have applied for CBSE NET exam. Now, candidates are starting their preparation for the NET exam. The net exam will be held in 3 phases: the paper I, paper II and paper III. Paper, I will be same for all candidates those have different subjects.

CBSE NET Anthropology Syllabus 2018

Anthropology Syllabus CBSE NET Books, Study MaterialPaper II and Paper III will be set according to candidate’s specific subject. Candidate must have their subject-specific syllabus before starting their syllabus. This article provides you Anthropology syllabus. Books of anthropology are also given here. You must follow them for preparation.

CBSE NET Anthropology Books 2018

Book name: CBSE NET / SET Anthropology, Author: A. M. Tripathi, Publisher: Danika.

Book name: Modern CBSE NET / SLET Anthropology, Author: a team of experts.

CBSE NET 2018 Anthropology syllabus 


The aim, scope, historical development, relationship with other sciences, recent and emerging trends in all branch of anthropology.


Lamarckism, neo – Lamarckism, Darwinism, neo – Darwinism, synthetic theory, primates and fossils, living primates.


Characteristic and phylogenetic position of early hominoids, homo habits,

Human genetics

History and development, scopes and branches, codominance, lethal genes, genetics of blood group, living human population and human diversity, the concept of race, racial classification.


Relative, absolute and cultural, geological framework, major climatic changes during Pleistocene, glacial and interglacial periods, causes of ice ages.

Typo – technology and Paleolithic cultural features

Percussion technique, artifact typology.

Holocene culture

Mesolithic culture, Indian Mesolithic, Mesolithic art in India, Neolithic culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Evolution, social structure, and organization

Uniliner, universal, multilinear, definitions and attributes.

Economic and political organization: religion and magic

The concept of property, primitive communism, states of economy, barter, means of production, a division of labor.

Indian anthropology: basic concept and issues

Indian village as part of society, caste as a group and subsystem, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe, gram sabha.

CBSE NET Anthropology Subject details 2018:

Theories of evolution: physical and social

  • Mutation
  • Genetic marker
  • Plasma proteins
  • Human cytogenetics
  • Chromosomal aberrations
  • Earliest culture
  • Emergence of biface technology
  • Flake tool complex
  • Blade tool complex
  • Mesolithic cultures of India
  • Meaning and nature of culture
  • Contemporary trends in evolutionary studies
  • Weaker sections in Indian population
  • Tribal problems and welfare measures
  • Development strategies
  • Anthropology in education and communication

Every aspiring candidate must follow above given syllabus. Sample papers, previous year question papers and mock tests are also available on the internet. You can download them free and start practice for your exam.

CBSE NET Exam 2018

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