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Archaeology Syllabus & Books – CBSE NET

CBSE NET Archaeology syllabus is available here. Candidates can check the CBSE NET Archaeology syllabus & Books from here on our web page for examination. Interested candidates have applied for CBSE NET exam. Now, they are looking for the syllabus for their specific subject so that they can start preparing.

CBSE NET Archaeology Books 2018

Archaeology Syllabus & Books - CBSE NETSyllabus for the CBSE NET exam is also available on official portal of CBSE which is www.CBSEnetonline.in . You may get your syllabus from there. We also provide you Syllabus for Archaeology subject. If you did not find, you can refer our article. CBSE NET Archaeology Syllabus 2018 exam conducted in 3 papers: the paper I, paper II and paper III. Paper, I will be same for each subject.

CBSE NET Archaeology Books 2018

Paper II and Paper III based on the specific subject of each candidate. Books for archaeology are given here:

  • Archaeology by Paragon books.
  • Archaeology: a very short introduction by Paul Bahn
  • Archaeology: the conceptual challenge by Timothy A. Install
  • Archaeology: the key concepts by Paul Bahn
  • The Archaeology book (wonders of creation) by David Down

Syllabus for paper II and paper III for archaeology subject is given below:

Paper II Syllabus

Unit 1: Definition, Purpose, and Scope of Archaeology, History, and Future of Archaeology, History of Indian Archaeology. The relationship between Archaeology with nature and Social Sciences. Renewal of Archaeological Data: Techniques those are used for Explorations and Excavations.

Unit 2– Chronology and Dating: Relative, Pollen analysis, Stratigraphy, Typology, Varve clay analysis, Fission Track, Absolute, Carbon 14, Dendrochronology, Potassium-Argon, Thermoluminescence.

Unit 3– Cultural statistics of Man, biological structure of humans.

Unit 4– Africa, Europe, and South – East Asia has Palaeolithic culture, Europe, and West Asia uses Mesolithic culture; Important sites of India for Palaeolithic and Mesolithic culture.

Unit 5– North and North – Western Indian early Harappan culture in Indian villages, Gangetic plains culture that used copper.

Unit 6– Early occurrence of iron, Northern Black Polished Ware culture, Important sites of the historical period.

Unit 7– Architecture of Structural Stupas, Rock – Cut Architecture.

Unit 8– Techniques of manufacturing coins, coin known as Punch – marked and uninscribed cast coins.

Unit 9– Script for birth of Brahmi and Bharathi

Unit 10– Proposal of research; purpose and objectives; new defined methodology; essential and alternate sources

Paper III syllabus-

  • Stone Age Culture and Geo – Chronology culture of India
  • Paleolithic type of Cultures in India
  • Indian Mesolithic Culture pattern
  • Indian Neolithic Cultures
  • Harappa Culture
  • Decline and Survival of Harappa Culture
  • Other Copper using Cultures

Candidate from archaeology stream may refer above given syllabus for their preparation of NET exam. The syllabus has been taken from the official site of CBSE.

CBSE NET Exam 2018

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