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CBSE NET Environmental Science syllabus & Books

In this article, we are providing the CBSE NET Environmental Science Syllabus 2018 from our web page. Candidates can download the CBSE NET Environmental Science Syllabus 2018 this website. Interested candidates have applied for National Eligibility Test (NET) which is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

CBSE NET Environmental Science Syllabus 2018

CBSE NET Environmental Science syllabus & BooksThe net exam has divided into 3 papers: Paper I, paper II and paper III. The candidate has to clear all 3 papers for getting NET qualifying scorecard. Paper I is same for all aspiring candidates and paper II and paper III will be for a particular subject. This article is beneficial for candidates who are looking for the CBSE NET Environmental Science Syllabus 2018.

CBSE NET Environmental Science Syllabus details 2018

Unit 1- definition, law, and future of environmental science in India, ecosystem, human, earth, factors of biological, physical and chemical environment, construction of biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere, measurement of pressure, temperature, humidity, mixing heights, wind roses.

Unit 2- Chemistry of water, the chemistry of soil, components in air, air pollutants, reactions of thermochemical and photochemical in the atmosphere, harmful chemical in air and water, laws of analytical methods.

Unit 3- the origin of life, speciation, ecology for humans and their settlement, future of ecology, the conversation of biodiversity, atmosphere micro flora, biotechnology in the environment, fermentation and vermiculture technology, flora and fauna in India.

Unit 4– geosciences about environment, system of earth and biosphere, resources for minerals and water in India, global warming, air pollution, thermal pollution

Unit 5– different types of energy and their impacts.

Unit 6- components of the earth like air, water, soil, noise, and marine. Types of all components of earth and their constituents.

Unit 7– Analysis of environment impact, environment planning, Indian landaus policy, planning for Urban India, cost – benefit analysis.

Unit 8– sources for solid waste, generation, and causes of solid wastes, types for disposal and management of solid waste.

Unit 9– the number of tools and statistics analysis of main principles.

Unit 10- environmental issues in India, agenda for biodiversity, ozone depletion and climatic changes, desertification.

CBSE NET Environmental Science Books 2018

You can refer this CBSE NET Environmental Science Syllabus 2018 for the preparation of environmental science if you did not find anything on the internet. This syllabus has been taken from the official portal for candidates’ help. You can find many CBSE NET Environmental Science Books 2018 on the internet which is online available. Download those books and start your preparation very effectively so that you will get a good score. CBSE NET every year in India. Candidates, who want to become a successful assistant professor in their life, give this test.


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