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CBSE NET Physical Science Books & Syllabus

CBSE NET Physical Science Books & Syllabus is available here. Those candidates who wab\nt to qualify the NET exam with good score can buy the CBSE NET Physical Science Books & Syllabus from our website directly. National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted every year by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to select desired, deserving and interested candidates.

CBSE NET Physical Science Books 2018

CBSE NET Physical Science Books & SyllabusCBSE authorities update their official portal regarding CBSE NET exam so that everyone may read this and interested candidates may apply for this exam. Candidates have read this notification and they have applied for NET exam. Lacs of candidates applies for a NET exam every year. Top 15 candidates will be selected as assistant professor among all over India.

After applying, they have started their preparation for the NET exam books. The exam will be conducted in 3 papers: the paper I, paper II and paper III. Paper, I will be same for all of the different subjects while paper II and paper III will be based on specific subject. More than 90 subjects are registered with CBSE. This article is related to CBSE NET syllabus and CBSE NET books of physical science. Candidates, who have an interest in physical science, may look this article CBSE NET Physical Science Books & Syllabus.

CBSE NET Books for physical science are:

CBSE NET Digest on paper II – physical science (an objective perspective) by Dr. M. L. Kamlesh

CBSE NET Digest on paper III – physical science by Dr. M. L. Kamlesh

CBSE NET Physical Science Syllabus 2018

Unit 1- Introduction, scope, purpose and objectives of physical science books, recreation and health education, physical activity for biological basis – exercises, types of exercises, benefits of exercises, growth of the human body, games and their development, simple principle for growth and development of children, physical education in different country like Rome, Greece, Denmark, Russia, Sweden.

Unit 2– factors used in sports, blood circulation physiology, respiration, and recovery process.

Unit 3- what is joint in the human body and their movements, messages, and exercises.

Unit 4- psychological factors in sports like tension, stress and anxiety, learning process.

Unit 5- Ethics for physical education, development of teachers in physical education, physical education and its growth in India.

Unit 6- health, many programs in school for health development, fitness and obesity and their management.

Unit 7– sports training and principles of sports training, training for short term and long term goals, types of games and their competition frequency.

Unit 8– type, aim, and future of research, tools, and techniques used in research, t- test, f- test and – test.

Unit 9– test evaluation and their management.

Unit 10– supervision control, sports bodies, management of finance and equipment.

Candidates can use this syllabus for physical science preparation for Exam Books if they did not find it on the official site CBSE NET Physical Science Books & Syllabus.


CBSE NET Exam Books 2018

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