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Management Syllabus – CBSE NET

CBSE NET Management Syllabus for all categories can be checked here. CBSE NET 2018 Management Syllabus is to be declared by CBSE only. Visit this page for more information. The Central Board of Secondary Education exam is approaching. By this time, the candidates would have done the application submission and fee payment I guess.

CBSE NET 2018 Management Syllabus

Management Syllabus - CBSE NET

Of course, next is that, exam preparation. Before starting the preparation, you have to know something about the CBSE NET management syllabus. The CBSE NET Management Syllabus is something that will let you know the areas that you have to study and which are the crucial areas of the CBSE NET management exam.

Without having any idea about the management syllabus, you could not able to do the preparation. The detailed CBSE NET Management Syllabus is available on the official website of CBSE. Just to let you know something about the CBSE NET Management Syllabus, here I have explained it.

CBSE NET Management Syllabus 2018

Unit I

  • Managerial Economics – Demand Analysis
  • Production Function
  • Cost-Output Relations
  • Market Structures
  • Pricing Theories

Unit II

  • The concept and significance of organizational behavior
  • Understanding and Managing Group Behaviour, Processes
  • Organisational Development

Unit III

  • Potential Assessment.
  • Job Evaluation.
  • Wage Determination.
  • Industrial Relations and Trade Unions.
  • Dispute Resolution and Grievance Management.
  • Labour Welfare and Social Security Measures.

Unit IV

  • Capital Budgeting Decisions – Risk Analysis.
  • Capital Structure and Cost of Capital.
  • Dividend Policy – Determinants.
  • Long – Term and Short – Term Financing Instruments.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

Unit V

  • Marketing Environment and Environment Scanning
  • Promotion Decisions
  • Uses of Internet as a Marketing Medium
  • New Issues in Marketing

Unit VI

  • Role and Scope of Production Management
  • Role and Scope of Operations Research

Unit VII

  • Probability Theory and Probability Distributions
  • Use of Computers in Managerial applications


  • Concept of Corporate Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitive Strategy and Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Dimensions and Group Mapping
  • Transnationalization of World Economy

Unit IX

  • Concepts – Types, Characteristics
  • Motivation; Competencies and its development
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Small business – Concepts Government policy for promotion of small and tiny enterprises
  • Process of Business Opportunity Identification

Unit X

  • Ethics and Management System
  • Ethical Issues and Analysis in Management
  • Value based organizations
  • Personal framework for ethical choices
  • Ethical pressure on individual in organizations
  • Gender issues
  • Ecological consciousness

If it is needed to be, you can download the CBSE NET management syllabus from the official website that is mentioned above. Thanks for reading this post. More details with respect to this post will be posted soon on our site.


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