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Population Studies Study Material – CBSE NET

CBSE NET Population Studies Study Material is available on the from this web page. All candidates Who want to can download the CBSE NET Population Studies Study Material from our website. CBSE authorities release a notification on their portal for National Eligibility Test (NET). Interested candidates for the NET exam must check the official site of CBSE daily to get all latest information regarding the NET exam.

CBSE NET Population Studies Study Material 2018

Population studies Study Material - CBSE NETNow, candidates have applied for this CBSE NET exam and want to start their preparation so that they will get more marks. CBSE NET exam conducted in 3 papers: Paper I, paper II and paper III.

Paper, I am common for all different subject candidates while paper II and paper III are based on particular subject. CBSE conducts NET exam for 94 subjects. So you just need to choose your subject carefully while filling the application form. This article is related to only one subject that is population studies. CBSE NET Syllabus and study material regarding population studies are given here in this article.

Syllabus For Population Studies For Paper II And Paper III Is As Follows:

Unit 1- world census record, Indian census record and laws, demographic surveys, national sample survey and other surveys.

Unit 2- ratios, proportions, months, ages, counting, incidences.

Unit 3- change in temporal and spatial size, composition of population in global population for study material.

Unit 4- fertility sources, trends, and levels of fertility in India.

Unit 5- measures and concepts of morality, death statistics every year in India, morbidity, and measurement of morbidity.

Unit 6- what is migration, trends for migration, urbanization pattern in India.

Unit 7- theories for calculating population, Malthus to modern theory, demographic theory, migration theories.

Unit 8- population growth and sustainable to the environment, the index for calculating human development.

Unit 9- gender concept and its relationship, status for females in India, empowerment by women.

Unit 10- policies for population control, national level policies, state-level policies.

CBSE NET Population Studies Study Material 2018

Sample papers, Previous year question papers should be with you while preparing for the NET exam. You will get all CBSE NET Population study material from the internet without any cost. You must save them in your system or take out print as per your convenience. Difficulty level for the NET exam will be understood by practice of previous year question papers for the study material. You will also get their solution key on the internet.

  • Go to Google and look for CBSE NET study material of population studies.
  • A number of relevant results will be there.
  • Click on any one of them and download papers for practice.

Experts said that you must practice one or more mock test day so that you are able to get time management for the final exam.


CBSE NET Study Material 2018

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